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His shaft looked as if it would split her in two.  Busty blonde Sofia Valleta took it like a champ anyway. When he had got himself positioned he began to slide in and out of her. It wasn’t long before he heard his familiar groan, the one when he tries to contain his desires and the one he uses only when he’s about to climax. I immediately got up and fingered his anus. There was a lull when he pulled out and after a short while she heard the whirring of my vibrator and he put his cock back in me and slid the toy into her. She began really moaning and almost trying to get away but I held her down until the slut came. She pushed her fingers then her fist into my slit stretching it to its limit and she fisted me hard as she came a second time. Jon grunted and she could see his balls moving as they discharged spunk into her back passage. He pulled out his sloppy cum covered cock and let it drip onto the floor, a mature creampie lady she was now. I was going nowhere and he grabbed her hair and forced her to lick his cock clean. She gobbled him up greedily like she had never had some of that before.
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I knew instantly who it was; busty milf Alix Lynx, a blast from the past. Five years to be exact since we had last met. It had been the last ball at university before graduation How quickly I had been deceived and my wish had disappeared like the mist burned off by the morning sun. We had danced and flirted that night and how easily she had taken me to her room. I was a willing victim to her beauty. She was so horny that night as she played the slut. She made me come so easily, in her mouth, in her pussy and even in her arse. She made me orgasm all night and my recovery rate was phenomenal as she brought me hard so many times. And now, just looking at her, brought back the feeling of desire I had for her that night. I felt my shorts getting tighter as my cock renewed her acquaintance. She reached out and took my hand guiding me onto the bed. We lay side by side our mouths pressed against each other our tongues exploring, our hands touching, me feeling her wetness and she grasping my aroused member and the passion we shared melted away the past years, now she was a big tits mature blonde, and she was all mine. She had made me so horny. My finger probed her arse and she looked at me.
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Yea that’s just what I wanted to do, fuck a younger boy on a pure milf porn film. I straddled him and I opened my lips apart with my fingers as he guided his fucking massive cock. His bulbous purple helmet touched me as it slipped between the lips and I was streaming with juice I could just tell. I pressed down taking more of the engorged end and my sex muscles yielded. He was inside me and I continued to press down until my fuck tunnel was full. He reached up grabbed my tits and pulled hard on my nipples. He knew it would make me more aroused.

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I started lifting up my body and then falling slowly at first then moving faster. I knew he wouldn’t last as I felt his cock throbbing inside me. I smiled with the sensation of being filled with his spunk. His face was contorted as he rodded me, making grunting noises. He pulled me off and grabbed my long hair and forced me down to his jizz covered cock to clean him up. I gobbled up the gooey remains until he was satisfied, and I was sure he was coming back to the redheas mature Anna Bell Peaks.

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I was criticized about having a relationship with a younger man, but the sex was amazing! “Baby, can’t you see we are getting judged everyday!” I heard him laugh as he held me and then, I squealed in delight as I felt him pushing against me, his cock stretching my ass open until his full head slid into me. With a happy moan, I arched my hips even more, giving his cock full access to my ass. “All of it, I begged, “Put all of it in me now!” I moaned in pure pleasure as I felt his shaft filling and stretching me more and more. Finally, I felt his balls pressed against my upper thighs, my ass stretched open wide by his massive cock, and a busty cougar Subil Arch who was not used to a real man could just scream out.  The weight of his hand on my back, pinning my hands against me, increased as he began to fuck my ass in earnest. My orgasms began to come fast and hard as he subdued me and took his pleasure in my ass. As I felt the sensations of his motions and presence made this big tits mature pure lady go crazy. As I felt his thrusts become more and more demanding, my hope arose that he was going to fill my ass with his precious gift. I needed it!
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With a growl,  Seamus, my poolboy  nipped my earlobe and then suddenly pinched and twisted my nipple hard. I cried out in surprise, pain and pleasure. The diversion took my attention from my vaginal area and my muscles suddenly relaxed. Seamus moved so fast that, by the time I realized he was sliding out of me, he was gone before I could clench down on him again. At his absence, a sorrowful moan escaped my lips. I snapped my head around to face him, my mouth hanging open as I panted, ready to protest to him again. My needs disappeared as he firmly pressed his lips to mine and his tongue snaked between my parted lips. My displeasure turned to pleasure and then to passion as our tongues danced. I brought my arms up around his head and pulled him tightly to me. After a sufficiently long time, our passionate kiss ended, his tongue exiting my mouth and our lips separating. Seamus stared down at me, smiling. Instead of mounting me and sliding into the busty milk babe, he ran his fingers through my hair, caressed my cheek, running his fingers lightly down to my breast where he stroked my rigid nipple.. With a squeal, I launched myself at him, grabbing, slapping, kicking and clawing, trying to get to him as I giggled and laughed. I couldn’t help but squirm, moving his cockhead down my crack further until I felt it slipping between them, close to my anal opening, and he knew excalty what to give to mature Asian Kiera Rose.
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He had had a hardcore big cock milf session all night with his teacher, and now he had to figure how to get to school, because he could not arrive with me, but for the time being, he was going to enjoy my company. He kept his groin pushed tightly against my ass as his own body quivered in his orgasmic aftermath. I put my hand on top of his, pressing his tightly against my breast, sighing and relaxing against him as he returned to massaging it. When he turned towards me, I quickly pressed my lips tightly to his, showing the depth of my satisfaction and my pleasure in the feel of him inside me and pressed against me.

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The passion of his returned kiss showed me how deeply he wanted and needed me, his need equal to mine for him the mature brunette Kira Queen, aka, the Science teacher loved to show something special to her best students. As the kiss ended, I sighed and turned my head away from him. I relaxed my body against his, shaping my spine to his chest, wriggling up against him. I kept my hand on his so he could not let go of my breast. I glanced down, excited by the view of his dark brown skin over my pale color, which peeked out between his fingers. A sensation of joy and arousal flowed through me, mingling with the residual tingling of my recent powerful orgasm.

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I shifted my body slightly, pressing my ass back against him. He was just a boy, but he knew wxactly what to do.  I felt the increased pressure from his hand on my breast,  I giggled, knowing that, even in his sleep, he was determined to hold me captive against him. I arched my hips, pushing my naked ass cheeks against his groin, grinding his morning wood in my crack. I knew that the mature Jakie Wood did a le for him then being the mom of his best friend. My heart racing, my breath quickening, I shifted a bit more, lifting my ass up his body until his cock slid between my legs. With an anticipatory grunt, I pushed myself down on him, gasping as I felt his cockhead push between my vaginal lips and slip, easily, back into my sexual sheath. I sighed softly as his full nine inches of hard, black cock entered my pussy. I began to rock my hips in a rolling motion, moving my ass back against his groin and then away, moving his cock in and out of me, never letting more than half its length escape me, as if it was a pure porno busty brunette he was having. I screamed out loud as my orgasm ripped through me, my hips quivering and shaking on his shaft, my vaginal muscles rippling along his length. My screams became gurgles of total delight as I felt the surge of his cum pulsing up his cock and spraying deeply into me.
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